Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Little Basic Assistance to Help Clients Speak Their Minds.

As I laid in bed awake at 5:00 this morning listening to my future husband's arrhythmical snore, I thought about what my next blog topic should be. The answer is so often right in front of us.

My supportive fiance has been riding in the sidecar of my career hair journey for almost two years. He has cumulatively listened to hundreds of hours of daily hair gospel from angles and layers to great client consultations and types of styling products. Say hello to everyone, honey.

He has truly heard it all, bless his heart, and he never asks me to stop talking about it. The biggest reward for me is when he repeats it back to me at later times. It's amazing! It happens in simple ways such as this:

Me: "Wow, that haircut needs some help."
Him: "Yeah, she could really use some more volume in the crown."

If this All-American Bologna-Eating Sportsfan can absorb and take interest in the fantastic world of personal image enhancement, it makes every minute of my babble worthwhile.

I'm beginning to hear from some of the most unlikely sources that people are enjoying this blog and getting a lot of great knowledge out of what I've said. That gives me a better understanding of how much people know about hair, and what I should be planning to tell them next... because, let's be honest, I can talk about this for hours. It helps to direct the flow of information.

Sometimes when I'm working with a client for the first time, I often get the sense that they're not sure how to describe what they want in a hairstyle. This is a nerve-wracking moment for many. The person has probably never been to my salon before, and might know nothing of me or my skill level. That's hard enough without the anxiety of not being able to describe how they would like their hair to look.   ....................

("Not Quite What I imagined...")

 I have a consultation with every client before every service, during which I ask different questions about their likes, dislikes, needs, and wants regarding their hair. Sometimes they bring a picture, and sometimes I find one. This essential communication is the path to a great hair experience, thus, the old standby from Hairoine Entry #1:

"The more you know, ---> The more you can tell me, ---> The more I know. " 
...The better to serve you, my dear. 

I've chosen a few common haircuts and aspects of haircuts that clients regularly ask for, and I'd like to help illustrate what they actually mean.

For example, "losing length" is hair being cut off the bottom. "Losing weight" is hair being cut off in the interior or upper area of the hair to create body and volume with layers. Food for thought.

I'll use straight-hair examples for these so that the differences are easier to see. I also used [crude] purple lines to help show the different shapes and directions.

  I hope this has been helpful to someone. It's all in the clarification.

After a few tries, it's easy to ask for a long layered haircut with an angled front and short bangs.
It's easier than ordering at Starbucks!

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  1. This is wonderful! Well done! I see a lot of talent here, on every level. I only wish I had the hair to take advantage of your talents. Good luck in your endeavors! Tim