Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Benefits of the Lost Art of the Weekly Blowdry.

Today, the prettiest girl in the Class of 2003 came in to see me for a blowdry before she went out to dinner for her birthday, and her face lit up in a way that made me think every woman deserves to feel.

I've been in this industry for over ten years now, roughly five in the recession [feels like a lifetime]. One major trend that stands out to me is the recession entailing women eliminating The Holy Weekly Blowdry from their routine. I have to talk like a teenager for a second. Like what gives with that?

The Weekly Blowdry is the Holy Grail of female happiness. You go tanning. You get your nails done. Maybe you don't, but why are you shorting yourself the ultimate gratification of a professional styling experience in your regular life once a week? About 50% of my clients don't shampoo every day. The style will last half of you almost half your week. That's major. I have never been tanning, by the way. I'm tan in the summer, when it's natural.

Think about it:

You walk into the salon and are [hopefully] greeted by someone like myself, who welcomes you warmly and delivers a mind-bending shampoo, which relaxes all that tension from whatever's eating you on that particular day. 

After that, the warm atmosphere and the lull of the blowdryer relax your mind, and for just a few minutes, you get to be somewhere else, all by yourself.

The satisfaction on my clients' faces says it all. It's always worth it.

I've really enjoyed writing this blog. Mostly because making people happy is an addiction. A healthy addiction, like Hairoine. I just want the best for you.

Let yourself feel like this hard-working gorgeous woman. You deserve it.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Stop pouring your products down the drain.

Today, I worked with a fifteen year old client who currently attends the high school that I went to. Among other things, it got me thinking about what I knew about my hair when I was fifteen. Comparatively with The Me of Today, it's embarrassing.

My strongest memory is the morning that I cried before school because my fine, curly hair was frizzy [and hadn't been cut in at *least* six months] and I couldn't get a handle on it. Thankfully my mother, a beautiful woman who takes care of herself and passed her curls down to me, intervened and taught me the careful art of scrunching.

The second thing I remembered about my prior self is that I spent a lot of years pouring obscene amounts of valuable product down the drain by way of the myth that more is more. More is not more, less is more. Always is.

Before I became educated, I thought that using a handful of shampoo would make me cleaner, or smell better. I smelled great by the way, I'm anal-retentive about scents. Bless my first salon boss ever, Lucia, for keeping me on with all the inventory I must have wasted trying to "give the clients a great shampoo." My intentions were good from the very beginning.

That thought caused me to think about money, Everyone's Favorite Thought. I must have cost that incredibly nice woman a TON of money overusing product on clients. Then, I thought about how much salon-quality shampoos cost. I promote their qualities publicly, and I feel that it's my personal and professional responsibility to tell people that may be like me that a dime-sized amount really is a dime sized amount, and a quarter, and so on and so forth.

Salon-quality shampoo is concentrated. Hence, less is more. In the shower, follow the following routine:

1.) Wet your hair and your hands thoroughly.

2.) Dispense A DIME SIZED AMOUNT of shampoo into your hand.

3.) Rub your hands together as if washing with Handsoap after a very difficult cleaning mission.

4.) Rapidly work your fingers through your hair & scalp to create nice frothy suds. (Stimulating your scalp helps to clear hair follicles and encourage healthy hair growth.)

5.) Rinse THOROUGHLY. Rinse until your hair doesn't feel slippery anymore.

6.) Dispense A QUARTER SIZED AMOUNT of conditioner into your hand.

7.) Rub your hands together until the product is evenly distributed in your hands.

8.) Distribute the conditioner starting at the ends and ending about halfway up; higher if you have thick hair. Less conditioner = More Volume.

9.) Rinse THOROUGHLY. Residual conditioner can create false greasiness. Why tempt fate?

10.) Towel- Dry, apply styling products, and create beauty.

Pretend there's a little Hairoine on your shoulder. I care about your hair. I really do. Taking better care of your hair simply involves creating new habits. In my case, it was learning how to scrunch curls at that tender age so many years ago. It was a small thing to change in my routine compared to the daily frustration that I was living with before. I felt silly afterward for having not known better, but then.... I didn't have an informative and entertaining blog to read either.