Saturday, January 8, 2011

Winter Blues and Relationship News

I was planning to form this post around what a good idea it is to treat yourself to color and a blow dry to ease your Wintertime Blues and refresh yourself during this annual Ice Age, but after pitching it to my wonderful fiance who absorbs and supports every iota of hair blather that I rain on him every day, I couldn't help but take it a step further.

I've noticed through the years that there is a seriously large demographic of women who feel strongly about sticking to their one, time-honored classic look; usually a longer, one-color, one-length style. This is not earth-shattering news, but I noticed another interesting correlation-- Most of these women feel that their husband, partner, fiance or loved ones like to see them looking the same way. Frankly, I disagree and I feel that it needs to be addressed right away.

First of all, this mentality results in a personal security complex involving someone else's opinion directing a person's own life that just deepens and worsens over time. It forces women to believe that they are only beautiful if they look "just so," and that's just not okay with me.

I love my clients, probably more than they would expect from a professional service provider; and part of my lifelong mission on this earth is to help them feel the best that they possibly can.

Secondly, erase your previous mental impressions and hear this:  
Your lover likes to see you in different ways. 
Save it on your mental hard drive, your blackberry, your crackberry or your schnozzberry.
Know it, love it, and never forget it.

I have been engaged for about a year. In a previous post, I talked briefly about how I like to change my haircolor frequently. That concept applies to everything from my wardrobe to my music taste to my home decorating style. My fiance loves it. He knows that my personality has many different faces and enjoys seeing it reflect in my daily ensembles. I didn't know that before this evening, but thanks to this wonderful blog I was inspired to ask him, and that's the answer he gave me, give or take. He's from St. Louis, so I have to translate certain things that he says into New York. I'm sure you understand.

That got me thinking.. I'm committing to be with this person for the rest of my life. Do I intend on being this same person that I am on Sat. Jan. 8 2011? Definitely not. I'm hoping for at least a minute amount of personality evolution from this point forward. That's obviously some good news that I'll want to share with the world. 
I'm trying to remain in perspective here.. I'm a hairstylist, (I am hair) so when I am having or especially when I want to have a great day, my immediate thought is to express that with a similarly great and possibly new hairstyle that I've never tried before. Are you waiting for a reason? Okay, it's because Why Not. We all feel doubt, so as long as you don't take it off the deep end (i.e. giant 80's barrettes or a beret,) stand by The Old Standby:
Your lover likes to see you in different ways.

To touch briefly on my original thought, it is totally advisable to treat yourself to a color service and blow dry during the January-February frosty slump. It just is, whether it's a 20 minute glaze to refresh your current color tone or a few highlights to lighten and brighten... Accompanied with a salon-quality, fresh-scented, someone-else-did-it blow dry, for around $100 it can add a fresh dimension to your outlook on life in The Season of Indulgence.

Love to Everyone,
Your Hair Heroine

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