Friday, January 7, 2011

Hairoine---The Best Buzz I Can Give You.

I am a hairstylist. There is literally nothing that I love more than hair, obligatory family and friends excluded. January can be a slow month for me and my kind.. A Dry White Season, if you will. In my spare time, I've decided to spread my love and knowledge to the world; because looking good is feeling good, and feeling good should be an everyday reality for every person.

Here are some things that I'm into:

Educating my clients.
This is part of my reason to start a blog.

The more you know--->The more you can tell me--->The more I know.

Staying updated with the latest techniques and style ideas.
When I'm not working in the salon, I spend a lot of my time watching hairstyling videos and trying new ideas on my mannequins, Fran and D2. I watch everything I can from the amateur to the professional. I have picked up useful knowledge from high school girls, dare I say.

I watch every hair show available including Shear Genius, Tabatha's Salon Takeover, [I forward through entire episodes of] What Not To Wear [to see the hair & makeup segments], I even watch Jerseylicious, because anyone can have a good idea. 

Changing my own look.
Anyone who has seen me in Starbucks more than once knows that I enjoy looking different every week, and sometimes every day. A month ago, I was a vibrant apple-redhead. Last week I was an auburn brunette. The other day I added some asymmetrical highlights to the front, which has created a "sunset" effect. Very cool. I've gone through various different fashion and beauty stages in the short span of my life and the best thing I've learned is not to limit yourself to one "style."

There are only a few people in the world who can wear the same style and give the same impression every day, and most of them are likely to have other.. obvious flaws. Like Melon Girl, for example.

Melon Girl is a person who I saw every day in the dining hall at college. That was back when I still ate breakfast, lunch, and dinner most of the time, so I saw her a lot. Melon Girl ate only melons. Diced green honey dew melon, sometimes scooped into spheres, but always melon. Never cantaloupe. I'm sure you can see where I came up with the name, but there were other "melon" things about Melon Girl.

Her hair, for example, was medium length, "mousy" brown, heavy and flat like a little girl's, and always tied back in a limp, purposeless way in-- you guessed it-- a little melon bun that hung like a sad fig at the nape of her neck. Her clothes and accessories were sweet, but bland and neutral. Melon.

I wasn't a hairstylist back then, I was a journalism major. In either trade or any other--- Nobody wants to be Melon Girl.

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